S t u d e n t s

Péter Sallai - Master's Thesis 2007
Simulation Based Analysis and Comparison of SND and Bluetooth Inquiry

Norbert Kajdi - Master's Thesis 2007
Evaluation of network management overlay formations in Ambient Networks

Gergely Biczók - Master's Thesis 2003
Analysis of an Ad Hoc Network over Multiple Frequency Hopping Radio Channels

Kristóf Fodor - Master's Thesis 2003
Implementation of a Protocol Stack for Personal Area Networks

Balázs Kovács - Master's Thesis 2003
Design and Implementation of Distributed Applications in Ad Hoc Network Environment

Ágoston Szabó - Master's Thesis 2003
Design and Implementation of a Mobile Router

Gergely Biczók, Kristóf Fodor, Balázs Kovács, Ágoston Szabó:
Blown-up rendszer tervezése és megvalósítása
Students' National Scientific Conference (Országos TDK - OTDK), 1st prise

Eszter Kail - Master's Thesis 2002
Development and Evaluation of a New Bluetooth Neighbour Discovery Procedure